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July 5, 2022

$100 Million Market Cap Holding Co. E:64 Michael Girdley Top M&A Entrepreneurs

$100 Million Market Cap Holding Co.  E:64  Michael Girdley  Top M&A Entrepreneurs

Jon Stoddard talks to Michael Girdley, Chairman Girdley Enterprises , Chairman Jungledisk a Backup/Restore for MSP Cybersecurity,  Chairman & Founder of Dura Software a collection of 10 super niche software companies.  Partner & Co-Founder of Dry Line Partners - a investment firm.  Partner & Founder of Geekdom a venture fund.   Chair and Cofounder of Effectual Ventures a venture studio.  Cofounder of Red Runner Coffee.   Cofounder at HireWithNear a marketplace for Latem Talent.  Chair & Cofounder of Codeup a coding bootcamp and Chair of Alamo Fireworks 

Show Notes:
(00:00) - Intro
(00:52) - Fireworks was gateway drug 
(02:00) - Dumb money in SF real estate
(02:35) - Incubate or Acquire  "when assets are expensive make...."
(03:30) - How does he find his software niche companies - serial acquirer?
(04:47) - Revenue on 1st acquisition & ebidta & deal stack
(12:09) - Spirit Animal Mark Leonard Constellation Software
(15:49) - hiring firing CEOs
(17:15) - CEO peer group
(20:25) - dinner talk in entrepreneurial family
(22:30) - KPI's for Chairman
(25:37) - How CEOs coach the chairman
(27:47) - decade long plan
(28:44) - coffee
(31:16) - advice to son or daughter
(34:55) - some of best advice ever received

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