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We like to buy businesses that have:

Stack Acquisitions is looking for companies with sales in the $2mm-$25mm range, profitable, durable competitive advantage, in a well-defined niche, a simple business model and easy to understand, a successful operation five years or older, traffic not dependent on any one source, a deep moat, good management system in place and positive culture, and a strong reputation for quality & customer service.  

We like to help existing businesses with an acquisition strategy.

If you have an existing business and you need help with an acquisition strategy, buying businesses that are adjacency acquisitions could give you 7x growth by integrating them.  There is no faster way to grow your business than by buying businesses that support your business. 

If you, or if you know of anyone that you think may be interested in selling,  or you have an existing business and need help with an acquisition strategy, feel free to reach out to us on the Contact page.  

You have my assurance that I will hold all matters in the strictest confidence.