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June 8, 2021

E: 13 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Christopher Wick - Why he acquires a minimum of one business per year.

First Acquisition at 29 years old..an inspiring and cautionary tale.   Christopher has worked on over 400 companies.  The timing, and moment of clarity, where he asked,  "what would happen if he owned these companies? "First acquisition was all cash,  all the risk upfront,  but 11 months later sold and tripled investment.   Since then,  acquires at least one per year.  He loves the ecommerce space.  Why he has done well,  he got lucky because he worked so hard.    Second acquisition did not work out so well but proud of the experience and how he found peace.   Chris Daigle,  another EPIC member,  challenged Christopher to do the next deal with no money out of pocket.   Part of that is why you should share your failures and what you learn from them.   Why it is important to have the support of loved ones.   The lesson of slow and steady wins the race.  Why he acquires a minimum of one business per year.   Why Christopher is passionate about partnerships.  And how he can help end partner 's suffering.   Christopher talks about an ecommerce chicken coop business...a Billion Dollar Industry.   Why he follows the profits - and people over profits.   How his acquisition partners get paid in acquisition.   What his acquisition partners feel working with him.   Where his deal flow comes from.  What his GAP program is.

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