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June 10, 2021

E: 14 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Jeff Charlton 18 Acquisitions in 15 Years

E: 14 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Jeff Charlton  18 Acquisitions in 15 Years ⬥ Civil Engineer by training ⬥  Why he started acquiring businesses ⬥ First acquisition he bought a vendor and no money down ⬥ Every acquisition after that was to acquire sales people ⬥ Almost all of his 18 acquisitions are no money out of pocket ⬥ None of his acquisitions were making money ⬥ Why he finds the best deals in recession times ⬥ Why he uses direct mail ⬥ What questions he asks the sellers ⬥ What the number one thing sellers always do ⬥  How he find the best people in an acquisition ⬥ The best deal that he ever did,  which led to the niche that is taking off,  was also the easiest ⬥ How he structures his earn outs ⬥ How he gets people to trust buying and earn outs ⬥ Who he admires in marketing ⬥ Has his acquisition strategy run its course? 

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