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July 5, 2021

E: 16 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Walker Deibel, Buy Then Build, Old Economy Meets New Economy Strategy

E: 16 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Walker Deibel, 7 Acquisitions, "Old Economy Meets New Economy Strategy"

00:00 Walkers Buy Then Build Book
1:17 The Genesis of His Acquisition Entrepreneurship 
7:55 Private Equity Facts
09:35 Influence from his family 
11:11 Money Ball, the numbers
13:00 His experience with Different verticals versus a Niching 
18:12 His first acquisition 
21:56 Why he does not get hung up on price 
23:00 The importance of a financial "Stress Test" 
29:52 What types of businesses he owns today 
33:00 The Secret to Deal Flow - not being able to turn it off
35:09 How to use Phantom Equity 
47:00 Why got into the toilet ecommerce business 
53:50 What SearchList.com is