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July 6, 2021

E: #17 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Vinnie Fisher, Author and Chairman of $45M company

00:20 Author of 3 books: The CEO's Mindset, FALSE PROFITS, The Best Investment: A Better You

02:10 His start in Acquiring Businesses - As M&A Attorney seeing 100's of companies

04:10 His first. Met a Wiz Bang Kid that needed help - Business was breaking

06:10 His most successful deal to date - it has quadrupled in revenue

08:00 How he scaled the business to 8 figures

13:24 What he is actively looking at to acquire

15:09 What he calls a Massive Mistake regarding payouts

17:38 What Fully Accountable Does

20:51 How he met Roland Frasier and Why it is important to network with people smarter than you.

24:57 What is kids are learning from him as a parent

26:34 Where he is at in his career

27:50 Is he ready to cash out?

28:49 Can you put an acquisition in a Roth IRA like Peter Theil did with his FB shares and grow to $5Billion

30:56 How much energy he puts into a LOI

33:55 How overconfidence led to a breaking point and what he learned from it.

36:00 Access to his resources, books etc.