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July 20, 2021

E: 19 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Sam Palazzolo Tip of the Spear

E: 19 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Sam Palazzolo  Tip of the Spear

00:12  Book: Deliberate Discomfort by Jason Van Camp - Tip of Spear - The Impact of the Book
02:50  Works with 3 Coaches - Each with specific Clarity Path - Why you need a coach
07:10  How he makes decision to move up from a coach - the  ROI you need to get
14:36  Tip of the Spear Acquisitions Business Model - 10 Years later... 
19:48  Hybrid VC / M&A / Consulting Model 
21:40  Harvard Business Guide to: Buying a Small Business
21:08  Sweet Spot $1M to $10M in EBITDA - Baby Boomer Orgs
24:10  How they fill the manpower gaps after the seller leaves org
27:45  Buying a company where CRM system was Sellers Flip Phone
31:35  Launching Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program
36:39  How he "sources" companies  - Swimming up stream from Brokers
41:20  How he funds / financially structures deal
46:10  The "Numbers"  what they are great at 
50:40  Student of the M&A Game
52:49  What he thinks of MicroAquire and Why they doesn't use it. 
55:45  LOIs the importance of...  (partner is attorney)
59:17 Special Offer for Acquisition Entrepreneurs below...

To access the Sam's Success Questions every leader/organization should be asking about their People strategies, visit http://hubspot.tipofthespearventures.com/speaking.

To view Sam's Venture Capital firm -- Tip of the Spear Ventures -- visit https://tipofthespearventures.com/

To view his 501(c)(3) Executive Education nonprofit -- The Javelin Institute -- visit https://javelininstitute.org/