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July 29, 2021

E: 20 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Ernesto Ricci from Buenos Aires - Buying Football Tournaments

E: 20 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Ernesto Ricci  Argentina Buenos Aires Football Tournaments 

00:00 Intro to Ernesto Ricci
02:45 Why he signed up for Roland's EPIC scalable.co/epic-challenge
05:15  How he is applying M&A to buying Football Tournaments - his framework for the search & his pitch to sellers 
10:35 how many tournaments he as acquired so far... 
11:41 What an offer for a tournament looks like - numbers on a tournaments
15:43 Tournaments are cash,  how do you trust seller - how do you prove numbers
20:05 Why is got into Football Tournaments (soccer to US fans)  how it is complementary to his Social Media Events business - Snowballs attendance 
25:12  The legal process for acquisitions in Buenos Aires, Argentina
26:12 Why he took entrepreneurial route vs job 
28:30 His quest to "partner" with his bosses
30:00 The time his boss "hustled" him
33:20 His goal to buy 3 nightclubs
34:10 The time when his boss, that he wanted to partner with, pulled out a gun