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Aug. 19, 2021

E: 23 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Arturo Henriquez personally Acquired 55 Companies, 18 Industries

E: 23 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Involved in 130, personally Acquired 55 Companies, 18 Industries

00:00 Intro to Arturo Henriquez
01:23 How Arturo Prospects, Black Envelopes get opened by "Sellers"
04:46 How he found his most recent acquisition a Pool Service Company
06:45 Can he scale a Pool Service Company?
09:29 What is the exit plan for his acquisitions?
16:04 Mastering the ability to work above the business: People Process Products
17:34 How he masters metrics for different industries
21:00 Industries he would NEVER buy into
24:30 How many businesses he own at any one time
25:20 How efficiencies affect cash flow and what it does to valuation
27:40 Does deploy a deal team 6 to his acquisitions?
29:08 Acquiring Assets vs Equity of a business - why you want to assume the liabilities
36:04 Does he acquire or have an "acquisition fund"?
38:48 What debt ratios does he look for
42:00 What about credit scores and getting a loan - why its different than a home mortgage
46:19 Reading the character of people you do business with - the psychology of a deal
48:10 What should happen in 1st, 2nd, 3rd meeting with seller - what rapport creates
51:05 Does he buy a business where he has to travel?