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Sept. 3, 2021

E: 26 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Carl Allen 300+ Deals, 23 Industries, $47B in value from MINDSET

00:00 Intro Carl Allen, his M&A origin story
02:22 What happened to Ninja Acquisitions & his deal with Agora Publishing
05:10  One student's success story - 16 Acquisitions a year  - Another headed to Billion$ Valuation
07:48  The Warren Buffett of Mainstreet
08:27  How many hours, days he works now - how much money he has...
09:29  The difference between success and failure
10:26  Is deal making a get rich quick scheme?
10:44  His library,  his mentor, Tony Robbins & modeling success
12:03  The 3 types of books he likes to read
15:37  When he gets a book recommendation...
17:37  His deal with Agora - buying back his business one year later - what he learned
22:06  His Private Equity fund, PROX  how his fund works with students
23:50  Thoughts on SBA funding
25:57  How Amazon did it
27:24  Thoughts about Micheal Dell, EMC & VMware - one of his favorite stories & modeling successful people
29:40  His tattoo - do something crazy - that he would never get away with on Wall Street
31:15  Free Masons
32:36  What Rocky Balboa and loosing his father shaped him
35:50  What he learned from Tony Robbins
36:00  What Price vs Value of Art  - Value = Benefit - Price
37:20 Michael Jordan and the Last Dance

Carl's 6 book recommendations:   
1.  His Zero-Down Business Buying Secrets.  
2.  Shoe Dog Phil Knight, 
3. Iron Cowboy  James Lawrence 
4.  Relentless Tim Grover  
5.  Get a Grip Gino Wickman 
6.  Crush it Gary Vaynerchuk