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Sept. 27, 2021

E: 28 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Moran Pober - Moran Pober 120 deals, $550m in Revenue Acquired, $150m Capital Raised

00:00 Intro to Moran Pober  back story global citizen
01:34  How he acquired the domain Acquisitions dot com and Rollups dot com and using it
06:29  What kind of deals he looks for - his style - his involvement - getting access to Moran
10:54  His hungriest Acquisition Entrepreneurs
12:10  How luck and persistence plays in this business
13:23  The One student who rolled up 16 companies in 6 months story Keyword: Masterminds
16:55  Why plain "dealmakers" are commodities and what skill is needed to standout
23:43  What is required to partner with Moran
24:44  How he judges character
28:36  Some partners he does take equity
29:31  Who he follows -  874 people on Audible
33:30  What he would pay to have lunch with Richard Branson
37:19  Deal Flow - his BuzzFeed like story red flag risks
44:45  Google and Facebook behemoth risks
46:10  Industries that he does not work in...
50:50  Starting a fund vs call for capital syndication
53:00  How to start with Moran...