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Oct. 18, 2021

E: 31 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Matt Fischer 8 Fitness Acquisitions , Opened 10th Location

E: 31 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Matt Fischer  8 Fitness Acquisitions , Opened 10th Location

00:00 Intro Matt Fischer - 8 Fitness Acquisitions, Opened 10th Fitness Location - Fitness SaaS
02:19 His Uncle's inspiration - The Mentor Entrepreneur influence
04:33 Meeting his Mentor - Not much of sharer - watched from behind the scenes
05:40  First Acquisition with Partner - what happened to that - did it make money - meeting expectations - the eventual sale
09:05 Managing a retail fitness and the beginning of the idea to acquire more - Trying to buy Any Time Fitness Franchises - perfecting the model
13:53  Acquiring operating gyms - cold calling the numbers to success
15:30 KPIs and Critical Drivers - making money - simple math. 
16:55  Negotiating Leases - Power - Motivated Land Owners and Transparency
21:27  How much marketing he has to do on new acquisitions
24:00  $9 a month versus $40  the amount of work involved - What $9 a month customers do the most
25:48 Seeing the P&Ls  and the advantage of having a wife as an accountant
27:45  His current corporate structure for the business & personal guarantees. 
29:55   Approaching $10 million in revenue - he loves fitness and likes money - goal $30 million in revenue 
31:19  hard to find gyms for sale,  Seeking adjacent businesses 
33:50  Number of COVID cases with Navy SEALs
35:40 Turning Costs Centers into Profit Centers
37:20  Owned a supplement business - $500k a year - why google killed that business - what he learned - upselling and turning it back on. 
42:35 How the M&A Entrepreneurial journey transformed him