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Nov. 15, 2021

E: 34 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Marcus Sheridan Merged his Pool Company, Merged his Marketing Company

Marcus Sheridan Bio - International Keynote Speaker on Digital Sales/Marketing, Ranked #1 LinkedIn Voices for Entrepreneurship, Author of "They Ask, You Answer" and "The Visual Sale"  Owner/Partner at IMPACT a Digital Marketing Agency,  Partner at River Pools - built to $15mm in sales from Warsaw, Virginia - population 1400

00:00 Intro to Marcus 
01:56  My experience applying Marcus's work to my business
04:14  Nearly filing for bankruptcy at River Pools - losing homes - not seeing path - the Hail Mary
08:41  Being Vetted by buyers - answering 100% of the prospects questions
15:47  River Pools What has happened since 2018,  marketing / franchise / mfg. / acquired /sales
22:59  Getting Crushed because of pricing.  And clearly stating who you are not a good fit for 
22:55  If goal is to the Walmart - be a an employee. 
24:35  Getting Acquired by Thursday Pools - finding great partners - that are quite different / dis-match but match with value set. 
29:45 Why you need to Stress test your potential business partners
40:08  The decision to get into pool manufacturing. 
42:58  Why he decided to franchise River Pools 
47:36 Paradox of Choice - Law of Diminishing Returns
48:32  Does he have mentors - No and why...  what he does pay attention to...