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Aug. 11, 2021

E:22 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Joel Ankney Attorney to over SMB 100 Deals

0:00 Intro to Joel Ankney, Attorney,  Author of:  "Here's the Deal  Everything You Wish a Lawyer Would Tell You about Buying a Small Business"
01:12 How many acquisitions he has worked on - over 100
02:15 When, at what point in process, is it important to have Deal Team set up
06:03 Can you use a LOI as preemptive strike to lock seller up?
09:35  The buyer seller cultural fit - how personalities can blow a deal up
12:30  Buyer Seller,  getting along, can a contract help relationships
15:45  What is his role in process?
21:00  Reps and Warranties,  Escrow and buyer protections
25:02  Buying an online business and Real Estate - what do you do?
26:02  Asset or Stock sale  and DoD contracts
28:59  Does seller/buyer have to notify Gov about sale  - do they have veto power over sale?
31:10 Seller financing - attorney's perspective 
33:50  Is there really a trillion dollar small businesses transfer of wealth?