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Oct. 11, 2021

E:30 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Michael Bereslavsky - over 300 Deals /on his 3rd investment fund

E:30 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Michael Bereslavsky over 300 micro Acquisitions in 16 years. 

Michael is an online business entrepreneur and investor. He started building, buying and selling websites as a student and later founded Domain Magnate in 2008 to make a career out of it.

00:00  Intro to Michael Bereslavsky micro revenue acquisitions, first acquisition he paid $120 - sold for $2500 20X MOIC
00:00 moving upstream in Revenue Acquisitions - staying below $1 mm  - why - its the market
07:44  Focusing on Content sites,  finding the model that works
11:21 SaaS multiples 
13:10  SaaS Businesses that he will not buy - working with investors
14:30  Building a team to acquire 160 companies
17:08  Profitable or Unprofitable acquisitions - and price ranges, history & multiples
20:03  Running Content sites
22:11  Finding the buyers for his flips
24:32  Know when to hold them,  know when to fold them (flip for sale)
28:50  Launching a Fund - two.   Raising his third fund. 
30:14  Investor profile, seeking  accredited,  $100k,  for $10mm fund. 
35:05  Born in Russia, moved to Israel, now in Thailand
 36:50  His deal flow,  1300 deals in database - not the top part of the funnel
39:31   Deal Financing - understanding what seller is looking for
42:55   Over 100% IRR to investors on first fund,  His 3rd fund  raise goal is $10 mm goal