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Nov. 29, 2021

E:36 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Podcast - Gabe Galvez 4 acquisitions, 5th in closing - in their first year

Managing Partner at Verde Holdings- Verde Holdings multi-family office that invests in: Control investments in middle market service companies in the Western U.S. Multi unit and commercial real estate nationally, Early stage technology companies.  CEO at CAPTARGET which provides M&A research and deal origination services to middle market M&A and Private Equity firms.

00:00  Intro to Gabe Galvez - where it got started - where deal making started - pawn shop. 
03:35  What does CAPTARGET do and how do they create deal lead flow for buyers?
13:58  CAPTARGET in volume game - does not ask for points - conflict of interest/scale - working for 100 vs 5
19:36  How did he make decision to Volume vs than a few clients
21:30  What types of clients he works on
23:26 Lehman standard to double Lehman to classic fixed fee = how to pay for the ball. 
26:34  The accidental start to Verde Holdings - buying companies for himself. 
29:15  Verde Holdings original investment thesis - Ghetto   simple selfish wants - 20% IRR goals
36:35   Acquisition or Investment in non controlling interest  - acquiring a platform company
39:00   His process for the warm lead deal - offer and close in 40 days and serendipity
43:45   How to repeat or scale acquisitions in different industries - simple deal criteria 
48:00   Buying revenue for his platform landscape acquisition - goal $4mm in ebidta in 24 months
49:52   Creating the operating constitution and a operating methodology with his partner  - saying yes or no on a deal in 24 hours.   
55:45  How many to date: 4 acquisitions,  5th in closing - 2021 first year of deploying capital
59:25  The entrepreneurs journey - how has it changed him - where he gleans knowledge from