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Dec. 19, 2021

E39: Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Callum Laing 27 Acquisitions, dividend yielding stock since day ONE

E39:  Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Callum Laing  27 Acquisitions, dividend yielding stock since day ONE

Callum is founder and CEO of MBH Corporation PLC, an agglomeration of 27 acquisitions, small, profitable companies from around the world.  By leveraging the Agglomeration strategy, MBH Corporation plc is able to create substantial shareholder value through the consistent and accretive acquisition of excellent companies   MBH Corporation plc is listed on the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf Stock Exchanges and the OTCQX in New York (MBHCF). 

00:00 Intro to Callum Laing
00:28 What a agglomeration is and what MBH does  - partner to Jeremy Harbour - benefits of agglomeration
05:46  Comparison to Berkshire Hathaway. 
07:12  How is controlling interest / stock and equity structured with agglomeration acquisitions - ultimate mastermind group
09:03   Where do the profits flow up to - all acquisitions pay a management fee plus dividend to shareholders  - buying a boring 60 year old Caravan company
14:48  What is assets / leverage to you bring to an acquisition proposal - difficulty for SMBs to break through glass ceiling - the balance sheet unfair advantage of an agglomeration - 1000 applications a year now
19:27  How he started with the idea - starting / partnering with Jeremy Harbour - solving SMB exit issues
25:00   How the agglomeration gets contracts - SMBs are great problem solvers
27:47   How did the first acquisition happen - what where the challenges - how did the early "pitches" go?
33:18   What are the characteristics of the motivated seller - what are needs of seller
37:14  Arbitrage Multiples - the Master Minded Effect and Covid - working through challenges
39:52  Adjacent "tactical" Acquisitions - teaching his acquisitions to grow through acquisitions
43:12   Landscaping like a SaaS business - recurring revenue 
44:57   Working on the strategy for 6 years - biggest obstacle - internal biggest hurdle to Callum -financial markets - huge learning curve - how they communicate / transparency with everyone
50:08  Challenges with OTC markets - 15C-211 purge /  International trade volume issues. 
54:26   What is best investment he made to change his life.