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Dec. 27, 2021

E:40 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Roman Beylin, 1 Acquisition to launching DueDilio, Due Diligence for M&A

E:40 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Roman Beylin, 1 Acquisition to launching DueDilio, Due Diligence for M&A

Roman Beylin is the founder of DueDilio, an M&A due diligence marketplace as well as publisher of The Business Inquirer newsletter.  He began his career in investment management and moved to investment banking.  In 2013 he caught the entrepreneurial bug and co-founded one of the first alternative data consulting firms counting some of the most well-known hedge funds as clients.  After a few years, he sold that business and since then has been active in the Entrepreneurs through Acquisition space working full-time on DueDilio, The Business Inquirer as well as some smaller projects.  He resides in Boston, MA.

 Questions to Roman / Chapters Time Stamps

00:00  Intro to Top M&A Entrepreneurs 
00:37  Intro to our guest: Roman Beylin founder of DueDilio  - No Deal Better than Bad Deal
02:00  How he started DueDilio  & The Business Inquirer
05:00  His first acquisition - a resume business - due diligence on acquisition
06:18  Marketplace's - Airbnb, LinkedIn, eBay - how is it going with DueDilio
07:30  The process of finding a DD service provider on DueDilio
09:40  What will we spend on Due Diligence...and timing?
11:11  Does buyer have blanket NDA with service provider or do they sign one with seller too - who handles the DD requests with seller?
13:40   Does service provider provide opinion (go/no go) on business?
14:50   What type of analysis / research does DD service provider offer - most requested?
16:15   How long does due diligence take - high end / low end?
17:25   How detailed does Due Diligence Service Provider get with financials?
19:28   When is a full Quality of Earnings required - what revenue level?
22:17   Can you circumvent DueDilio after first order - second sale?
25:44   Repeat customers? 
27:35   Is DueDilio Ideal for Searchfunder backed by PE or Independent Sponsor? 
28:16   What size of business, revenue, is most common due diligence requests?
29:25   What is market forces are driving the due diligence requests?
30:12   Are Family Offices or Private Equity firms good source of DD requests?
31:35   What are "Subject Matter Experts" on DueDilio?
33:45   Does DueDilio collect post DD information?
34:49   How long does it take to hire, data transfer, due diligence completed?
36:11   When sellers start sending pieces of the financials
37:11   Can DueDilio offer Service providers to do DD on International companies?
40:53   How do I "use" or "grade" the due diligence from the Service Provider?
42:15   My experience not doing reputation DD on an ecommerce business - doing DD on buyer
43:42   What are KPIs and Drivers / Levers for DueDilio?
45:26  What is long term goal for DueDilio?
47:16   Do Service Providers get "scored /rated" on DueDilio?
48:43   What industry do you see most DD requests on DueDilio - demand from offline or online?
52:10   Where do you think DueDilio could grow to?  
53:50   What does DueDilio need to grow? 
55:32   When does buyer pay on DueDilio?   Who Pays? 
57:02   Does DueDilio help buyers get smarter with acquisitions ?
58:03   Has the "Why" question already been answered by buyer? 
59:30   What is a "Deal Sherpa"? 

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