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July 25, 2022

Searcher to CEO and Exit to Search Fund Investor, Steve Divitkos Top M&A Entrepreneurs

Searcher to CEO and Exit to Search Fund Investor,  Steve Divitkos Top M&A Entrepreneurs

Jon talks to Steve Divitkos.   Steve was in PE,  became searchers,  acquired a company,  grew it, sold it,  and is now the Founder of Mineola Search Partners, a company that invests in Search Funds, the entrepreneurs who run them, and the companies that they acquire.

Show Notes
Intro:  00:00
00:45  Where did you start and why become a searcher?
02:32  What is search fund - what is your cut of acquisition
04:48  Why would a search fund investor install you as CEO with ZERO experience?
07:39  Are search fund investors putting bets on the jockey or the horse?
09:31  How long did it take you to make an acquisition?   
11:12  Who structured the deal stack?
12:00  Any events that almost torpedo the deal?
14:26  How much did investors finance?
14:36  How did he 4X equity value?
17:36  With zero CEO experience how did you know what to improve?
22:10  Was being a CEO everything he thought it was? 
25:54  Do you have mentors/masterminds?
27:19  After selling Microdea - new role: Investor   
30:55  What lessons did you learn as CEO to share as Investor
32:26  As investor,  have you allocated capital?
33:53  Best advice he received 
36:00 Why reach out to Steve & Mineola Search Partners 


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